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Access Your Inner Artist without your Inner Critic at this month’s First Thursday Art Walk

Noted transformational coach Andrea Koehler engages at the Impact Hub

Seattle, WA (October 22, 2016) – One of Seattle’s favorite and most historic art events, First Thursday Seattle Art Walk, will feature Andrea Koehler as she empowers guests to calm, create, and connect.

The founder of The Coloring Project will bring her unique combination of coloring, awareness, and Digital Downtime™ to Art Walk at Pioneer Square where guests can make beautiful art and do some self-discovery at the same time, on November 3.

Coloring is something people do as children, and returning to this experience as adults feels natural. Research shows that coloring can help to sharpen focus, lessen anxiety, increase creativity and engagement, and most powerfully, it be can used as a tool for mindfulness and self-discovery. History is full of examples of the art of coloring as a beautiful, yet static, experience. Leaders in the healing and mindfulness fields have used the act of coloring for years as a focus tool.  The body can be calmed and the mind inspired when the brain (logical and creative) joins with the eyes (visual) and the body (motor skills/kinesthetic).

Andrea created The Coloring Project to heed the call to color and has developed a process that exercises the mental muscles through activity immersion and deep focus. It also happens to be fun.  She works with private clients, groups, and corporate audiences to quiet their minds and lower the volume of their “inner critics.”

Andrea’s book, The Power of Positive Coloring, is available for pre-sale now; it will be published in February 2017.  Pictures of the new illustrations are on Instagram and Facebook.

First Thursday Art Walk on November 3 at Pioneer Square, 102 1st Avenue South, will include art installation, a community coloring table (all supplies provided), and a pop up shop featuring The Coloring Project’s products, which are also available on Etsy.