Coloring Broadway combines coloring and creativity with the transformative messages of musical theatre.  Our mission is to create opportunities to connect with and extend your theatre experience, to create space for pondering, self-reflection and growth - and to do it all while Singing Show Tunes, of course!

“What if we created some Broadway coloring pages?”

The question that sparked Coloring Broadway!

Coloring Broadway is a line of Musical Theatre inspired coloring products for the Broadway & Theatre enthusiast, committed to highlighting the transformational power of theatre.

Cast & Crew

Andrea Koehler

Andrea is known by many names – That Coloring Lady, the Asker of Hard Questions, the Singer of Show Tunes – but, by far, her favorite is the Creator of Transformational Spaces.

She is on a mission to create a world where everyone knows how powerful they are and, to that end, she lives to create spaces for self-awareness and transformation.

As the founder of The Coloring Project and Coloring Broadway, she opens the backdoor to self-discovery using coloring as a tool for mindfulness, helping people quiet their inner critic so that they can access their inner “artist”, and sharing show tunes as a way express our emotions when words fail.

As a leadership coach and trainer, she will be kind and understanding, she will listen and reflect, AND she will ask you those “pointy” questions that make you want to flip her off but also make you think, ponder and step into your own power.

She’s hilarious and witty – at least in her own head – and when not coloring, you can find her at the theater watching a musical or on the Salsa floor dancing her feet off!

She’s driven by fire and passion and, “there’s a million things *she* hasn’t done … Just you wait.” She WILL break into show tunes without warning – so consider yourself warned.

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Justine Fisher

Justine is an ambitious student currently studying at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Canada. While her major is graphic design, she constantly searches to learn any and all things creative.

As a passionate self-starter, Justine has expanded her skill set through freelance work and independent projects. The majority of her work emerged from her Instagram account which she grew to over 16 thousand followers just by sharing what she loved.

Before Coloring Broadway came to be, Justine was creating “fan art” based on any Broadway musical she was obsessed with at the time. Becoming co-founder and designer of Coloring Broadway felt like both a natural step and an early dream coming true.

When not designing Justine is spending time with her friends and family, or cuddled up reading the biggest book she can find.

Justine firmly believes that art is something that should unite and inspire, and she is excited to carry this notion into all future endeavors. She’s “only 20 but her mind is older”- and she believes that it is never too late, or early, to follow your dreams.

Instagram: @justine_fisher



Jessica Komori

Jessica is a champion corporate plate spinner.  From balancing multiple projects with complex requirements to managing diverse staff dynamics and implementing strategic initiatives, all in both English and Spanish; she creates “la combinacion perfecta.”

Jessica thrives in environments where she gets to use her powers to see the bigger picture AND understand the details necessary to achieve it.  Where most people struggle with the minutiae of administration, she takes it all in and outputs diamonds. She possesses both strategic vision and a fiery passion; her leadership ability creates environments where employees thrive, and projects succeed.

Another of Jessica’s superpowers is the ability assess available ingredients and magically turn them into a meal fit for a king, whether that be in the workplace or the kitchen.  Seriously, if she ever offers to “whip something up” – take her up on it.

As a woman of Bolivian and Japanese descent, Jessica has resided in the United States for almost three decades, forming unbreakable friendships and learning from the book of life. Her business expertise and international background is matched by her desire to unify fellow human beings through laughter, dance, creativity and love.

As the newest cast member of the Coloring Broadway team, and being ‘New(ish)” to musical theater, Jessica is exploring all the different facets of the musical.  She just saw Spring Awakening for the first time and loved it!

When not working on Coloring Broadway, you can find Jessica in her role as Fearless mother of three brilliant children, teaching salsa dancing, and obsessing over Marc Anthony (ask her to tell you her “stage” story).

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“Art doesn’t give rise to anything in us that isn’t already there. It simply stirs our curious consciousness and sparks a fire that illuminates who we have always wanted to be.”

- Kamand Kojouri