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Why Coloring Broadway?

Because Musicals are Magic. Coloring Broadway combines coloring and creativity with the transformative messages of musical theatre.  Our mission is to create opportunities to connect with and extend your theatre experience, to create space for pondering, self-reflection and growth - and to do it all while Singing Show Tunes, of course!

Become a part of your favorite musicals!

Add your own color to the Broadway quotes that uplift and inspire you.


We believe that Musicals are magic.  

They lift us up, through story, song and dance.

They connect us, sharing the stories of our human experience.

They explore, helping us see and feel things from different perspectives.

They give voice to feelings and emotions we don’t know how to express.

They pull the strings of our souls together in stories, song and dance.

“Theatre is pure teleportation by means of suspension. It’s a voyage into the archives of the human imagination. A passport to all what ifs.”

― Natasha Tsakos