Looking to raise money, increase patron attendance, engage fans and get people talking about your school drama program, local theatre production or theatre education camp?  We’ve got you covered!


Special Events

Hosting a theatre/Broadway related event? Opening night, cast parties, fundraising galas - Coloring Broadway can help you delight your patrons, appreciate your cast and encourage everyone to help keep art alive.


  "Bake Sales are so ‘87!"

What do candles, magazines and baked goods have to do with theater? Give your fundraising efforts a lift and let you patrons take a piece to of the show home with them using Coloring Broadway’s unique fundraising packages.

à La Carte Services

Custom Illustrations

Our illustration team creates unique, hand-drawn illustrations to make your school, theatre, event, show or activity stand out.  We help you tell your story, visually.

Our illustration services include:
• Show poster design
• Playbill/Program cover design
• T-shirt graphic design
• Show-specific coloring illustrations
• Digital marketing elements
• Branded merchandise

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Who doesn’t like to take a piece of the show home with them?  We have wholesale merchandise ready to fly off your “merch table” and the money fly into your program’s pockets.

  • Off the shelf collections available as postcards, note cards, and pages
  • Branded merchandise - brand the merchandise to your production or event with your logo and social media.
  • Coloring Kits - Pre-packaged kits including illustrations, colored pencils and markers.
  • Prints and posters


Coloring Broadway provides a variety of different services that help you raise money to do what you do!  We get giddy when we get to help you build the relationships that help make art possible.

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Marketing, Events and Community Engagement

What’s better than creating the opportunity to connect people to the theatre and the arts in meaningful ways?... Not much! Coloring Broadway provides a number unique ways to involve the community with your program or event.

These include:

  • Social media cross-promotion
  • Giveaways
  • Community coloring table 
  • Community coloring mural
  • Coloring contests
  • Opening night gifts
  • Branded gifts for events

Educational Programming 

Musicals teach us many things about ourselves and the world around us. Coloring Broadway’s illustrations can be used as a great augment tool for educational programming.

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Educational Licensing 

Want to use this with your classroom? We want to make it easy and affordable! We will brand the illustration with your school or program logo and social media information.

  • Annual or unlimited use
  • Branded illustrations (digital download)
  • In-classroom coloring medium (colored pencils, markers)