The Coloring Project – An Introduction

I love coloring.  But more than that, I love the access that the act of coloring gives us to our creativity, to relaxing our minds and bodies, and ultimately to our higher selves. I love that coloring takes us out of our heads, and it helps relieve anxiety and stress – as we focus on something other than our worries.  I love that coloring allows us to connect with our intuition, to recognize our habits and patterns and to know ourselves in new and powerful ways.

I’m an ontological coach – yes – that’s a fancy way to say that I work with people as a partner in identifying their automatic habits or patterns and push through their self-limiting beliefs.  I work with people toward personal or professional goals, through life transitions, and those who just know there is something bigger for them, but feel stuck in getting there; with people who are ready to take action towards their dreams and goals. I partner with my clients, as they peel back that proverbial onion and dig into all the stuff that has them stuck – becoming aware of their inner critic and its limiting effects, as they reconnect with their purpose, and then design structures and accountability that support what they want to create.

I use coloring with my clients in multiple ways; as a tool for focus and engagement, a tool for calming, and as an aid to active meditation.  By highlighting the topic they are choosing for meditation or focus, coloring clears their plate of the mental chatter that fills the empty silent spaces and allows them to really focus on what they are looking to explore.

Coloring is access to yourself in a way that isn’t always accessible.  It quiets the inner critic. It provides access to flow. It accesses your inner artist.  It allows you to stay present and engaged with what you’re doing.

Coloring is access to learning, to growth, to evolving ourselves … oh … and it’s FUN!